always up to date

Always up to date

Changes occur in real time, so that updates are immediately viewable by all users logged-in to the rota


Text and e-mail alerts

Emails and text messages alert staff to recent changes in the rota

easy to access

Easy to access

Available wherever you have access to the Internet

iphone app


Our iPhone and Android apps put the rota in your pocket

manage flexible staff

Manage flexible staff

Manage staff who are flexible in a week and those with annualised sessions

service reports

Service reports

Comprehensive reports track department activity and session utilisation

highlights cover requirements

Highlights cover requirements

Clearly shows sessions that require anaesthetics cover

manage trainees

Manage Trainees

CLWRota allows users to track trainee activity and monitor supervision rates

department benchmarking

Inter-department benchmarking

Compare your department to others across the UK

In use at over 100 NHS Trusts

An encrypted, centralised, up-to-date management tool

Plan, Adjust, Report

CLWRota provides powerful tools for constructing plans for future department activity based on job plans and activity demands. Rapid, accurate changes can be made to current rotas to meet changes in demand and requirements. Reports provide insights into past activity.

Secure, Encrypted, Up-To-Data

CLWRota is a secure, encrypted online service that provides a full suite of tools to manage the rotas of anaesthetics departments. The service makes rotas quick to construct and easy to adjust, and provides a centralised data source that is always up-to-date.

Integrated Leave Book, On-call tools

The integrated online leave book and multi-week on-call tools ensure that the weekly rotas generated from job plan templates reflect leave absences and the effects of on-call activity.

Individual access to rotas, alerts

Individual password-protected logins provide consultants and trainees with access to their own rotas and other relevant information. Email and text messaging alerts are used to advise staff of late changes to the rota that affect them, and the convenient Android and iOS apps ensure that it is easy for Anaesthetic staff to access their rota wherever they are.

An accurate record

As changes are tracked throughout the life-cycle of a week's rota, the resulting data provides a true reflection of the department's historical activity. Reports are available in a number of formats, and a data-retrieval API is provided through the XMLAPI service.

Trainee reports

Trainee reports show activity and leave and include supervision rates and details of supervisors where applicable.

Department statistics, Individual activity reports

Week-on-week departmental statistics can be viewed together with individual activity reports. Trainee reports give details of supervision and training modules and the recently launched Inter-department benchmarks provide a unique opportunity for departments to compare key performance indicators against those from over 50 other anaesthetic departments from around the NHS.

The integrated RotaMC (Rota Management Console) tool allows departments to set targets for departmental and personal performance and track progress in both tabular and graphical form. Reports can be downloaded to Excel.