CLWRota for anaesthetics

Improving NHS anaesthetics

CLWRota helps departments at more than 100 UK NHS Trusts plan, adapt and report on anaesthetic activity by providing powerful web-based tools for inter- and extra-departmental communication and coordination. CLWRota helps coordinate more than 10,000 NHS anaesthetists.

Learn more about our upcoming events and the latest benchmarking results. More information about our services can be found on the Rotamap website.

Rapid & Accurate

The rapid composition and editing of rotas frees up consultant and administrative time.

The rota in 'setup' mode. The rota clearly shows the current status of all sessions. Markers and notes provide additional information.

Trainee management

CLWRota supports trainee rotations and specialty blocks, trainee solo session and college reports.

CLWRota provides integrated support for trainees, including oncall and time off after work. Detailed reports show supervision and solo session rates. CLWRota also supports mentor/mentoring relationships.

Improve DCC session usage

Provides monitoring and reporting on session utilisation.

CLWRota provides a comprehensive log of each type of session such as trainee solo, extra and mentoring sessions, staff on each session, and cancellations. Sessions requiring cover are highlighted as are those changed since publication.

Leave management

Provides fine-grained leave management whilst allowing consultants to book leave flexibly.

An integrated leave book provides leave booking and reports. Leave can be run in days, missed-sessions and PA values. The system also supports not-on-call requests and leave pools limiting the number of people away at any one time.

Immediate productivity improvements

After having CLWRota for only two weeks from order, Aintree University Hospital saved 6 sessions in the week of 14th February alone.
Steve Weston, Clinical Business Manager, Anaesthetics, Theatres and Critical Care, University Hospital Aintree

Monitoring DCC and Leave sessions

"...If you save one session a year per consultant the system has paid for itself. To me it is an absolute no-brainer."
Dr Tony Beaumont, former Clinical Director, East Kent Hospitals NHS Trust

Increased session delivery

"CLWRota has contributed to increased efficiency across the department, which has resulted in us delivering on average four sessions a week more since adopting the system."
Pippa Woodcock, Clinical Services Manager, Anaesthetics and Critical Care, Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust

If you are interested in finding out more about CLWRota, please telephone our office on 020 7631 1555 or email